Work related stress and Impotence in men

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According to the results of a new research one in ten males has ED because of stress caused by work. One in five males suffers from absence of sexual desire as a stress consequence.

Stress is everything which provokes a person to be frightened or challenge a person to act in a stressful situation. Generally small stress is good for a human being making life more interesting, stimulating and with a certain aim. Still if stress is persistent, it affects both mental and physical health it can lead to different problems including impotence.

The findings of the study suggest that 90 percent of males have demonstrated one or more clinical characteristic of stress resulted from work. Only 54 percent of participants taking part in this study reported that they actually know that stress was the cause of their impotence. Stress is also associated with low testosterone levels.

The study has shown that about 44 or more percent of males having erectile problems do not go to their doctor and hesitate more than 1.5 years before visiting a medical professional for consultation. Delay can be very dangerous, because other conditions provoked by stress may appear. Fortunately, treatments for erectile problems are available and can help men with stress. One of the most used medications is Cialis ONLINE. The medication should be taken only with your doctor’s prescription.

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