Be ready to answer the questions at your doctor’s

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When you visit your doctor with ED problem for the first time, it is really hard to start the discussion of you problem. Your doctor will give you a helping hand to you by asking special questions to understand and evaluate your condition.

He will certainly ask if you have problems achieving an erection, if the erection is hard enough for penetration, if the erection can be kept to satisfy the partner, if ejaculation occurs, and if you have satisfaction Cialis online.

In addition to these questions you will be asked about medications you use regularly or are taking currently, about any surgery you may have had, and about other health conditions (history of trauma, prior prostate surgery, diabetes, atherosclerosis, nerve damage and others).

Your medical practitioner will surely ask you about your tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and illegal drug use. Answer frankly, don’t try to hide anything.

You will be interviewed about sexual desire,  problems in your sexual relationship, sleep disorders, nervousness, anxiety, fear, stress from work or at home.

Your relationship with your partner is a special topic to discuss. Your doctor will want to get the information about if your partner approves that you seek help, and if she likes to take part in the treatment process to support you?

Give your medical professional candid answers to questions like these:

1)    How long have you got a problem? Have you ever had a sexual trauma?

2)    Do you have low sexual desire?

3)    How rigid are your erections now? Is it the problem with getting or maintaining an erection?

4)    Can you obtain orgasm, and ejaculation?

5)    Do you have morning erections? Do you have nighttime erections?

6)    Do you have a physical deformity of the penis (Peyronie disease)?

7)    Have you already been treated with any ED  treatment options?  What were the results of the treatment? Did you experience any side effects?

8)    Do you have any treatment preferences? Do you like to try a particular treatment method?

9)    How important is your sexual life for you? For your partner?

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Les hommes à tout moment se soucient d’une grave question: comment améliorer leurpuissance sexuelle ? Lorsqu’un homme commence à avoir des problèmes dans la sphère intime, rien ne va bien : pas de fortune, pas de femme, pas de bébé.